Halloween is approaching and with many of us now taking part in this annual celebration we have come up with some helpful hints and tips to remember when giving out the treats to help keep your teeth FANGTASTIC!

Traditionally sweets and chocolate are the given ‘treat’. However, maybe you’re not really treating the kids in giving them these types of treats. Sweets and chocolate are high in sugars and can lead to tooth decay. Diet is the main cause of tooth decay in children. Statistics show approximately 46,500 children and young people under 19 years of age were admitted to hospital for general anaesthesia (GA) with a diagnosis of dental caries in England in 2013– 14!! We should consider giving healthier treats or at least avoiding the really bad ones such as lollies that are consumed over a longer period of time meaning sugar remains on the teeth for longer. If sweets and chocolates cannot be avoided, then encourage children to eat them after mealtimes as the teeth can only cope with 3 acid or ‘sugar attacks’ in a day. And remember to make sure they brush their teeth for the recommended 2 minutes before bed time and as always, again for two minutes in the morning.

For more in-depth information about the effects of sugar on teeth go to

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