One of our nurses Becky recently took part in a trip organised by Dentaide. Here she writes a brief note about her encounter . . .

'Recently I visited Thessoniliki in Greece with Dentaid to help the refugees from Syria. I nursed alongside the dentists for 4 days providing emergency dental care to the refugees. It was challenging, both mentally and physically; we worked long hours trying to help people that were in pain many of them children. The majority of refuges have had to deal with their pain for years with no access to any pain relief or anti-inflammatories, things that we take for granted. Seeing first hand the conditions that these people were living in was difficult to apprehend but it was one of the best experiences of my life which left me feeling grateful – not only for the NHS but also for everything that we have taken for granted in England. It was humbling. A lot of the refugees have never even seen a dentist before and it was a privilege for those who did manage to come and see us, but I don’t believe that health care should have to be a privilege. Knowing that I’ve made such a big difference to some of their lives makes a big difference to mine.'

Dentaid is a charitable organisation that takes qualified professionals overseas to help the people in poverty and refuges. Becky has currently raised just over £500 for the charity. Well done Becky.

#dentaid #becky #charity

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