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In the month of March, 189 patients failed to attend for their dental appointments. This resulted in a shocking FIFTY AND A HALF HOURS of wasted dental appointments and 18 patients that wasted so much surgery time that they were removed from our patient list. Removing patients from our list is not something that we like to do but as we do not charge for missed appointments it is sometimes the only option we are left with to highlight to patients that just not turning up is unacceptable. These wasted appointments could have been used by patients needing an emergency appointment or used by motivated patients wanting to bring their own appointments forward to complete treatment sooner. This shocking figure does not reflect those patients that also cancelled at short notice.

Please help us to help you! If you cannot attend for a dental appointment please let us know, the sooner the better! You will not be penalised for rearranging an appointment as we can fill the appointment gap with treatment or somebody requiring an emergency appointment. We do send out text messages 2-4 weeks in advance to inform of an appointment and again 24-48 hours in advance to serve as a reminder and we do check mobile numbers are correct and up to date at your appointment but if you change it in the mean time then please remember to inform us of this. Patients not providing a mobile number will be contacted via post or email. Do let us know of your preferred method of contact. We understand that sometimes there is a genuine reason for not attending, but if you know you cannot make it or do not need it, then please cancel it! In return we can therefore run a more efficient appointment book, meaning we can offer our patients more appointment times and days to suit them.

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