Whats it all about?

The Healthy Living Dental Practice framework is focused on improving the health and well being of the local population and helping to reduce health inequalities through the provision of inclusive, holistic high quality care in general dental practices across Greater Manchester. The programme supports dental practices to provide general health advice to patients with the aim of preventing the development of long term health conditions.

Achieving Healthy Living Dentistry status

We have always been proactive in offering patients support and advice and already take part in campaigns such as: National Smile Month, Stoptober, Oral Cancer Awareness Month and Baby Teeth Do Matter which have all contributed to the practice receiving its level 1 within the ‘Healthy Living Dentistry’ programme. We will continue to take part in these campaigns to achieve level 2 in the future.

Staff are also aware of health needs of the local community and have a plan to address this. We have a Healthy Living Dentistry Leader in place and a Dental Champion is in place and trained. All staff have completed the relevant level of safeguarding and dentists have taken part in the refresh training of the 'baby teeth do matter' scheme where necessary.

Benefits to our patients

In a nutshell it means that we will be able to identify your health needs, provide information and advice on improving your general health and you will benefit from a continually improved quality of dental care.

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