Teeth tend to get discoloured if care is not taken. Certain food and drink like coffee, tea, colas and other foodstuff discolour the teeth which may become yellowish or brownish which do not look very good and mars the appearance of an otherwise good face.

With certain toothpastes, gels or visits to the dentist, matters can improve to a great extent. Sparkling white teeth need care and help in making them that way and keeping them white.

Teeth can become sparkling if you go to the dentist and work on them. You can also do it at home but it may take a longer time. You can even use certain gels and toothpastes, trays and the like over several days to improve the appearance of your teeth.

The Zoom Whitening Method

We offer the one hour in house zoom whitening product which contains no more than 6% hydrogen peroxide.

ZOOM in house whitening with instant results £340 (price includes tray whitening)

Is It Safe?

Some patients may feel a tingling sensation especially if their teeth are sensitive. If there is any allergy or sensitivity, the dentist can provide an antidote for it.


Children below EIGHTEEN years and pregnant and lactating mothers should not undergo this procedure. Also those with broken teeth, cavities or infected teeth or teeth on which other procedures like cavity filling have been done, should also not undergo this.